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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

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Format: Feature Film

Emily’s Role: Female Lead

Date Filmed: 2013

Expected Release Date: April 4, 2014

Written by: Ed Brubaker (concept and story), Jack Kirby (comic book), Christopher Markus (screenplay), Stephen McFeely (screenplay), Joe Simon (comic book)

Directed by: Anthony Russo and Joe Russo

Production Company: Marvel Studios

Filming in: Los Angeles, CA and Cleveland, OH (USA)

Movie Description:

“As Steve Rogers continues his affiliation with S.H.I.E.L.D and struggles to embrace his role in the modern world, he’s reunited with James ‘Bucky’ Barnes, who is now a brainwashed Russian assassin known as the ‘Winter Soldier.'”


Chris Evans – Steve Rogers (a.k.a. Captain America)
Emily VanCamp – Sharon Carter (a.k.a. Agent 13)
Sebastian Stan – Bucky Barnes (a.k.a. Winter Soldier)
Samuel L. Jackson – Nick Fury
Scarlett Johansson – Natasha Romanoff (a.k.a. Black Widow)
Cobie Smulders – Maria Hill
Anthony Mackie – Sam Wilson (a.k.a. The Falcon)
Frank Grillo – Brock Rumlow (a.k.a. Crossbones)
Toby Jones – Arnim Zola