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1X17 – All In the Family

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Original Air Date: Apr 1st, 2007

Directed By: David Paymer

Written By: Sherri Cooper-Landsman & David Marshall Grant

Guest Stars:

Cooper Whedon as Maxwell Perry Cotton
David Paymer as Donald Dudley
Peter Coyote as Mark August
Diva Zappa and David Carmon as Nora’s classmates
Jason Lewis as Chad Berry
Justine Dorsey as Sofia McCallister
Max Burkholder as Jack McCallister
Kate Connor as the waitress

Official Description:

“In an effort to restore life to normalcy, Nora invites her deceased husband’s illegitimate daughter to a family dinner and has a romantic encounter with her college professor (guest starring Peter Coyote as Mark August). Meanwhile, Senator McCallister makes a surprising introduction.”