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Format: TV Series

Emily’s Role: Guest Star

Episode: 1×02 Spineless

Episode Air Date: April 21, 2001

Network: UPN

Written by: Scott Frost

Directed by: Rick Rosenthal

Production Company: Spelling Television, Uncle Monkey Productions

Filmed in: Montreal, Quebec (Canada)

Episode Description:

“Kirstin Caine (Emily VanCamp), a hit and run victim with spinal trauma is admitted to the hospital. Patrick has a setback, and becomes subject to the research of Dr. Stefani Volette (Kari Matchett), which involves killing Kirstin to treat Patrick. It is revealed that Patrick’s paralysis was not from the accident, but instead induced by Volette as part of her research. The revelation leads to Volette herself becoming a subject in her own experiment.”


Grayson McCouch – Dr. Mitchell Grace
Reiko Aylesworth – Dr. Philomena Cullen
Adam Rodriguez – Patrick Fortado
Irma P. Hall – RN Glory St. Claire
Daniel Cosgrove – Dr. Bradley Sterling
Serena Scott Thomas – Dr. Nicole De Brae
Kari Matchett – Dr. Stefani Volette (Guest Star)
Emily VanCamp – Kristin Caine (Guest Star)