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Format: Feature Film

Emily’s Role: Minor Character

Date Filmed: 2003

Date First Released: 2004

Written by: Marek Kanievska

Directed by: Jim Piddock

Production Company: Lions Gate Films, Forum Films

Filmed in: London, England (UK)

Movie Description:

“During a military campaign in Beirut, Kim (Rupert Everett) and Eleanor (Sharon Sonte) begin a love affair. Things take a twist when Kim disappears and Eleanor, chased by the CIA, finds her lover is a KGB man.”


Sharon Stone – Sally Tyler Cauffield
Rupert Everett – Leo Cauffield
Julian Wadham – Andrew Darcy
Michael Cochrane – Dick Madsen
Anne Lambton – Cynthia Cauffield
Jim Piddock – George Quennell
Richard McMillan – Angus Petherbridge
Mimi Kuzyk – Leslie Quennell
Emily VanCamp – Jen Tyler
Tamara Hope – Lucy Cauffield
Mark Rendall – Oliver Cauffield
Damir Andrei – Aleksi