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“Captain America: Civil War” Merchandise & Images

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Second part of my update (scroll down to see the first one below) and it’s a big Captain America: Civil War one!

As previously reported, Funko has made an Agent 13 Pop vinyl bobble-head figure (Marvel Pops are bobble-heads because of the licensing agreement). Since that report, a bunch of new merchandise has been announced which is very exciting! I will list the ones I know of so far below and update you guys with any news. I tend to update the site’s Twitter (@evancampcom) more than I update the main site page so please be sure to follow if you haven’t already! 😉

1. Agent 13 Pop vinyl bobble-head figure (Funko)
2. Agent 13 Mystery Mini from Captain America: Civil War set (Funko)
3. Agent 13 2 inch Minimate figure (part of a 2-pack with an “evil thug”, Toys “R” US exclusive – Diamond Select Toys)
4. Agent 13 3.75 inch figure (part of a 2-pack with Black Panther, Toys “R” US exclusive – Hasbro)
5. Agent 13 Lego figure from Super Hero Airport Battle (Huge set with 7 other characters – Lego) * Blurred this one because the entire set is a huge spoiler and I don’t want people to get upset with me but if you google the name of the set, you can see the image yourself)

There aren’t concrete release dates for these (except for the Lego set which is March 1st) since retailers get their items at different times but you should be able to find these in the next few months! The Funko items (#1 and #2) can be found in stores like Hot Topic and Gamestop (to name a few) or your local comic book stores.

Not included in the list above is a Team Captain America lunchbox and Team Captain America water bottle that I found images of online. Not sure what stores will have these yet but I expect a wide release. Emily is on both of these.

I also finally updated the gallery a bit and added all the Captain America: Civil War photos that have surfaced thus far (mostly promo art).