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Candid Pics of Emily in Indiana + Blog Excerpt

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As our wonderful webmistress Shirphie kindly reported a few times over the weekend, Emily was in Indiana on Saturday canvassing for Barack Obama and trying to encourage people to register to vote. Well, I’ve added some candid photos from one of Emily’s stops in Martinsville, Indiana to the gallery! Super special thanks to Stacy Kagiwada who took the photos and very kindly gave me permission to add them to the site. Stacy, you have the thanks of many an EVC fan, I’m sure.

018 x Candids from 10/04/08 (Martinsville, Indiana)

I also found a little blurb about Emily in a recent entry at The Huffington Post by Paige Donner:

Emily VanCamp, currently on Brothers and Sisters and formerly on Everwood, says that as a Canadian, she is all too aware of the fact that she won’t be able to vote in the upcoming presidential election. She recently did a college tour for voter registration with other actors of her generation.

“For me it’s about the fact that I can’t vote. I pay taxes here in the U.S. and have now for 6 years but that still doesn’t give me the right to vote here. I don’t take the privilege lightly. Especially now when I don’t have a voice.” Emily said that the environment is the biggest issue for her right now as is the case with many of her peers. “The environment is a huge concern of mine right now. Especially coming from Canada where we grow a lot of our own food. I was raised in Port Perry which is a very sustainable town. I was raised in nature and so I still feel close to it. It’s what I miss most, living here in Los Angeles,” shared Emily.

Source: The Huffington Post