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Brothers & Sisters Season 4 News, DVD Screencaps, New Videos

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First, I’d like to share the awesome news that ABC officially announced today that Brothers & Sisters has been renewed for a fourth season! Yay! So we’ll be getting another full season of Emily as Rebecca! Second, I’ve added some screencaps to the gallery from a couple of the special features on the season 2 DVD. FYI: The Season 3 DVD is being released on September 1st.

019 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ Season 2 DVD: TV Dinners – Food for Season 2
032 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ Season 2 DVD: Guest Book

Lastly, I added a whole bunch of videos to our YouTube Channel over the last few days. Most are older interviews, but there’s also some cool stuff of young Emily and a deleted scene from season two of Brothers & Sisters, which you can watch below. Follow the links below to any of the vids.

Emily on CW11 Morning News Show (2007)
Emily on NBC Today New York (2005)
Emily on WB11 Morning News Show (2005)
Young Emily on Radio Active Clip 1
Young Emily on Radio Active Clip 2
Young Emily on Radio Active Clip 3