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Big ‘Ben Hur’ Update + ‘B & S’ Sneak Peek

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Pretty big update today, so bear with me. I’ve got a little Brothers & Sisters stuff and A LOT of Ben Hur stuff. First, some new Ben Hur promotional photos have been added to the gallery.

002 x ‘Ben Hur” Promotional Photos

Second is an excerpt from yet another online article about Emily’s experiences filming Ben Hur:

“The miniseries was shot in Morocco, and VanCamp, who I spoke with last week, got to ride a camel. The 23-year-old, from Port Perry, Ont., sounds as grounded and down-to-earth as ever. I’ve interviewed the young actress ever since she played a teen on The WB drama Everwood. She seems to epitomise the oft-quoted expression that if you want to place an All-American young person in a series cast a Canadian. She says it was different working with a cast full of Brits. Even the young ones take their schooling and training as an actor very seriously, she found. “They’re all so incredibly skilled, I loved being around them and seeing that deep passion.” VanCamp grew up in Montreal where she trained to be a classical dancer and so knows discipline but not so much in the acting arena. “Acting for me was more self taught, learn through experience,” she says. “There was so much to gain from that, but also so much I missed out on.”” — Bill Brioux

And for the last bit of Ben Hur for today, I managed to grab the preview trailer for the mini-series from CBC. Unfortunately, Emily is not featured in the trailer at all (Boo!), but I thought you guys might still be interested in watching it anyway. So you can check it out below. 😉

And finishing out today’s update, you can watch a short sneak peek from next Sunday’s (Apr. 11) special two-hour episode of ‘Brothers & Sisters’ below.