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‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Preview & ‘Everwood’ DVD News

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A CBS news affiliate recently ran a story about Beyond the Blackboard which included a behind-the-scenes look at the movie and a few interviews with castmembers, including Emily. Check it out.

In other news, Warner Brothers has pushed back the release date of the Everwood season four DVD to August 2nd. As you may have read, it was originally slated to be released on June 14th, but according to the website TVshowsondvd, Warner Brothers has a pretty good excuse for pushing back the date. According to the site, Warner has now decided to include the alternate ending of the fourth season as well as other deleted scenes! Well worth the additional wait in my opinion.


  1. Groveramy March 17, 2011 | 3:01 pm |

    We go like six months without any news on Emily, and then we get all this great news at once. I’m so happy for Emily!

  2. ForVanAngel March 17, 2011 | 4:32 pm |

    WOW! Great video, if you only told me the story of the movie, I would’ve liked it, no matter if Emily was part of it or not, and it’s a true story, Emily really took a great role, she will shine, and I like the cast, also the principal (though I don’t know the actor) seems to do a good job. Stacey Bess did the right decision to let them make a movie about her life, in times like these we need movies with a good message. I think I’ll love “BtB”. And of course I love the news about Everwood, that’s great!

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