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‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Article and Promotional Ads

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The website zap2it.com posted an article today about Emily’s upcoming TV movie Beyond the Blackboard which features some quotes from Em. Check it out:

Ex-‘Brothers and Sisters’, ‘Everwood’ star Emily VanCamp takes on ‘motherhood’ in new film
By: Jay Bobbin

Emily VanCamp says that whatever age she is, television usually corresponds to it.

“I have almost always played my own age,” the Ontario, Canada, native tells Zap2it. “I’ve had an interesting career, in that I can seriously look back on my work and see myself growing up. It’s kind of odd. The most interesting thing in ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ was playing a young parent. That was new for me.”

The former “Brothers & Sisters” and “Everwood” star next plays a wife, mother and teacher in “Beyond the Blackboard,” a true “Hallmark Hall of Fame” drama that CBS debuts on Easter Sunday (April 24). In one scene of the movie, which also features fellow “Everwood” alum Treat Williams, her character gives her age as 24 … which VanCamp actually is. Until Thursday, May 12, anyway.

VanCamp will be back in ingenue territory if ABC orders “Revenge,” the pilot she’s now shooting, for the fall schedule. The pivotal role of the vengeful party who targets Hamptons residents also would give her new twists to play, but she maintains great fondness for the series parts that have brought her to this point.

“‘Everwood’ and ‘Brothers & Sisters’ were both great learning experiences for me,” VanCamp reflects. “To have been a part of two very different, yet successful, family dramas at such a young age is always sort of mind-blowing to me.

“I have Greg Berlanti (executive producer of both series) to thank for that. I think everyone has that one person who truly made an impact on their career from a young age, and for me, he certainly is that person.”

He’s in good company, since VanCamp also is grateful to the mentor of “The Vampire Diaries” and “Dawson’s Creek.” She confirms, “Kevin Williamson also holds a very dear place in my heart. If he had never given me a chance on ‘Glory Days,’ I wouldn’t be where I am today.”

I also added a few additional promotional ads for the film to the gallery.

003 x ‘Beyond the Blackboard’ Promotional Ads

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  1. ForVanAngel April 15, 2011 | 5:31 am |

    Nice article, for me as a big fan it’s really interesting to see Emily in her first (real) leading role, and she’s finally able to play someone that is not her. Less than 10 days to go, now I’m getting very excited. 🙂 It’s also really nice that she knows why she came this far, of course the Great Greg Berlanti was there for her, and since I like Dawson’s Creek a lot it’s easy to be thankful to Kevin Williamson. For me it’s a scary thought, because KW is the DC creator, Glory Days was some years after he left DC, but he was still the creator of that show, Emily got the job (and it was her first real big role, why would you give that part to a girl, that is a newcomer?), but the show was cancelled after only 9/10 episodes, and she got so lucky, that she had the right age (imagine her being 1 or 2 years younger) that she could play Amy Abbott. I think it was divine intervention to give the world a beautiful, talented and sweet Emily VanCamp. 😀 Great story. 😉

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