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‘Ben Hur’ Part One Caps + ‘B&S’ HD Caps + New Video Interview

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Another big update today. First of all, screen captures from part one of Ben Hur have been added to the gallery! Part two aired tonight in Canada. Expect screen caps from that later in the week. Hopefully I’ll be able to make HD caps once the mini-series airs in the US, but until then, enjoy! 😉

210 x ‘Ben Hur’ (Part 1): Screen Captures

HD screen captures from Sunday’s special two-hour episode of Brothers & Sisters have also been added to the gallery. Will be all new episodes until the season finale on Sunday, May 16th.

202 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 4×18-19: ‘Time After Time’ HD Screen Captures

Next, a Canadian entertainment news show aired a short segment about Emily a couple of days ago, which included an interview with Emily at the premiere screening of ‘Ben Hur.’ Watch it below!

And finally, you can watch the promo for next Sunday’s new episode of ‘Brothers & Sisters’ below.