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‘B & S’ 4×08 HD Screen Captures + ‘Norman’ News

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HD screen captures from Sunday’s episode of Brothers & Sisters have been added to the gallery.

161 x ‘Brothers & Sisters’ 4×08: ‘The Wine Fesitval’ HD Screen Captures

FYI: There won’t be an episode this upcoming Sunday, November 22. The show will return with a new episode on November 29th. You can check out the trailer for the next new episode below. And don’t forget, Emily is scheduled to appear on talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live this Tuesday night (Nov. 17th)! Check Your local listings for time. Or check back here on Wednesday for a video and caps.

The last bit of today’s update involves a little bit of info about Emily’s indie film Norman. I stumbled upon a recent blog post about the music for the movie. It also gives us a better idea of just how far along the film is in the post-production process. Check it out:

“Chicago violinist/alt-musician, sometimes-Wilco collaborator, Andrew Bird is going to score the school dramedy “Norman” starring Adam Goldberg and Richard Jenkins. Directed by Jonathan Segal (“The Last Run”) the film is in post-production and almost complete. Smells like a Sundance 2010 premiere to us.

The movie actually stars two younger actors and is about a troubled high school kid (Dan Byrd) pretending to be dying of cancer, who encounters problems with his new girlfriend (Emily VanCamp) and others when he’s exposed as a fraud.

Bird told TwentyFourBit that soundtracking may not be for him. ““This is the first legitimate full length film that I did,” he said. “I had the monitor of the film in the studio and I’m playing. It’s a lot of work. I don’t know if I ever want to do it again.”

Source: The Playlist Blog