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∞ Launch of whatisrevenge.com, ∞ Scans + Screen Captures

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Thanks so much to Grey for helping out earlier with the site. I’m squeezing in this update before news/pictures and such from PaleyFest’s Fall TV Preview Party for ABC start coming in! Right now, the pilot is screening at the event so after that ends, the panel with Emily and any other cast members and crew will happen after that. I’ll report back whatever I find out later today. Check back soon!

Anyway, a few days ago, the site whatisrevenge.com went viral. The website is user friendly and encourages anonymous submissions on “what Revenge means to you” on various topics. You can also see what other people have written, too. Upon reaching the site, Emily welcomes you with a nice intro. Once fully loaded, you can pick which section of the site you’d like to visit. Those various sections of the interface feature short clips of Emily talking about revenge. The site is pretty neat so be sure to check it out!

Plus, here are the various gallery updates I have made today so far. They include 3 new scans as well as screen captures from the E! Online – Watch with Kristin interview and new Revenge promo that has been posted in the last few days.

001 x Entertainment Weekly (US) – September 9/16, 2011
002 x TV Guide (US) – September 12-18, 2011
033 x Revenge TV Spot #6
126 x E! Online – Watch with Kristin