Your Emily VanCamp Source   l   Est. 2003

Name: Shirphie (Feb 2003 – Nov 2009, Aug 2011 – Present)
Fan since: Fall 2002
Favorite role: Amy Abbott
Why Emily? “Emily is my favorite actress of all time. She is versatile, talented, beautiful, down-to-earth, humble, sweet, and so many other things. She is also a wonderful person. I’ve had the lucky chance to meet her several times and she was just so gracious and lovely. She is a very grounded individual and someone who I look up to. She is very passionate about the environment and saving wildlife and I find that very admirable. I love that she would rather stay in with friends than go out and party. She’s not big on the L.A. scene and keeps her private life private. I find that SO refreshing for an actress her age. Emily is classy and incredible and I see many great things for her in the future. She is no doubt my #1 idol.”