Your Emily VanCamp Source   l   Est. 2003


Name: Emily VanCamp Online
Previously: Heavenly
Established: February 11th, 2003 by Shirphie
Run By: Shirphie (owner/founder)
Past Staff: Martina, Jess, Grey, Lisa
Domain: evancamp.com (since July 21, 2008)
Old Links: www.geocities.com/heavenlyevancamp, www.allstarz.org/~emilyvancamp,
www.fan-sites.org/vancamp, e-vancamp.com, emily-vancamp.com (redirect only)


I first thought about possibly making a site on Emily VanCamp around the end of January 2003. By then, I had been watching the first season of Everwood for a few months and I was awestruck by Emily’s natural beauty and talent. I wanted to know more about this girl who played Amy Abbott, so I went online and tried to search for sites that were dedicated to her. As a result, I only found two (they weren’t even updated!) and did not think that was enough. I wanted to showcase my appreciation for Emily in the form of a fan site. It took me a few days to gather all the information I could on her, but finally on February 11th, 2003, I launched the site online. Believe it or not, the site was not always named ‘Emily VanCamp Online’. For a little over a year, it was known by the name ‘Heavenly’. I changed it in the summer of 2004 to make it more known to fans that it was in fact, a site about miss Emily VanCamp. The site was hosted freely on geocities and I was an amateur in wedesign, so it wasn’t perfect, but looking back I can laugh at my inexperienced website knowledge.

As time went on, I became irritated every time the site went offline due to bandwidth, or space. Then from out of the blue, someone from allstarz.org sent me an e-mail and said that if I ever needed free hosting, she would be happy to oblige and have my site as one of their hostees. I was thrilled. I moved the site to their server right away, but then after two months I decided to move somewhere more reliable. I applied to fan-sites.org, got accepted, and re-launched the site on FS in August of 2004. In August of 2015, after being hosted by FSO for 11 years, the site had to move to a new host. As of today, the site’s new home is at the Flaunt Network.

With a lot of grueling hard work, effort, drive, and passion, I have made this site into what it is today: one of the best sources for Emily VanCamp. I couldn’t be happier with the result, and I’m so thankful to everyone who has helped me along the way.