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New Magazine Scans!!!

The staff of Emily VanCamp Online would like to wish all you EVC fans out there a very happy Memorial Day. Some of you will probably be enjoying backyard barbecues (yum!), parades, or just basking in the joy of having a well-deserved day off from school or work (if you’re that lucky). To celebrate the holiday, and perhaps make your Memorial Day just a little bit more memorable, I’ve added some beautiful, exclusive new scans to the gallery from InStyle Germany (scanned by yours truly). You can view them here. Or just click on any of the pics below. Enjoy!

More New HQ 2007 Event Photos

I made a huge update to the gallery today featuring mostly HQ pictures from various 2007 events Emily attended. Over 200 pictures total! Some are brand new to the gallery, others have replaced pictures we previously only had available in MQ. The update also includes an event from 2007 that we did not have featured in the gallery until now. Hopefully Emily will attend a new event soon so I can bring you guys some actual new photos, but until then try to enjoy these new-old photos.

020 x 10th Annual Sonoma Valley Film Festival
099 x 24th Annual William S. Paley Television Festival
019 x 59th Primetime Emmy Awards TV Guide After Party
035 x ABC Network’s 2007 UpFront
044 x Motorola’s 9th Anniversary Party
009 x Haven House 2007 Oscar Suite *New*

Candids and Photoshoot

I made some more updates to the gallery today, starting with the addition of some rare outtakes from the Us Weekly photoshoot from this past December. The photos are tagged unfortunately, but still beautiful photos nonetheless. I also added a whole bunch of candid pictures of Emily, including pictures of her and Chris Pratt promoting season 4 of Everwood, candid pics of Emily in New York City from this year and last, and candid pictures of random events from last year’s 2007 ABC Upfronts.

016 x Photoshoot Session #16
014 x Miscellaneous Candids

Emily @ American Idol (5/13)

Normally I don’t watch American Idol. It’s just not my kind of show. But perhaps the fates somehow conspired to have me tune in to Tuesday’s live broadcast, because, lo and behold, the camera cut to the audience and who just happened to be sitting there? Why Emily, of course! I made some quick caps of the few short little snippets they gave us of Emily and added them to the gallery. Enjoy!


Today is a special occasion! It’s Emily’s 22nd birthday! I want to wish her a very merry birthday on behalf of the entire staff at e-vancamp.com and of course, the fans as well.

New 2007 Event Photos

I made some gallery updates today, featuring pictures from events Emily attended in 2007. Two of the events were not featured in the EVC Online gallery until now. The other event now features brand new HQ photos. Enjoy!

001 x Instyle Oscar Viewing Party
035 x Nissan Live Sets One Year Anniversary Party
019 x Stanley Cup Playoff Kickoff Party

Events, Scans, and Photoshoots

It’s a hodgepodge of gallery updates today, with pics ranging from events to a new magazine scan, to a brand spankin’ new Emily photoshoot! So bear with me here as I lay everything out for you.

Firstly, let me get the odds and ends out of the way. New HQ pics have been added to a couple ’08 events, including some HQ versions of pics we previously had only in MQ.

022 x The ATAS Presents: A Conversation with “Brothers & Sisters”
004 x 5th Annual Triumph for Teens Awards

Now onto the main course, those new never before seen pics I’ve been promising all week. I’ll start off with a couple pics of Emily from a shoot done for ‘Entourage Magazine.’

002 x Photoshoot Session #14

And I’ll follow that up with a rare, never before seen photoshoot.

003 x Photoshoot Session #15

And finally, a brand new magazine scan from the Fall 2007 issue of ‘Nylon Guys.’ In the article, Emily talks about the difficult task of staying grounded in Hollywood and her love of hockey and beer. How can you not love a girl who enjoys a tall frosty one?

001 x Nylon Guys: Fall 2007 Issue

Hollywood 411 Caps

Emily’s been making the rounds lately to promote the final few episodes of this season of “Brothers & Sisters.” Recently she dropped by the TV Guide Channel show ‘Hollywood 411.’ She chatted mostly about the big storylines on B&S and about how much she enjoys working with the cast. It probably goes without saying that she looked beautiful while doing it, but I’ll say it anyways. Screencaps of her appearance have been added to the gallery. Enjoy!