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Jimmy Kimmel Live! Interview & Images

Emily appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night with her Team Iron Man co-stars. She explains that “Sharon kind of plays both sides a little bit but I think when you see the movie you’ll see.” You can watch below! There are two parts. The second one is cut off from the first one because that’s after they had come back from a commercial break.

On the show, they debuted a new clip from Captain America: Civil War. We had previously seen bits and pieces of this part in all the footage they’ve released thus far but this is the first time seeing it happen at once. If you don’t want to be spoiled, skip ahead to 0:37.

I also added several images from the episode to the gallery.

Videos from the “Captain America: Civil War” Premiere

Here are a bunch of videos from the Captain America: Civil War red carpet world premiere last night. Don’t forget to watch in full screen. Enjoy!


“Captain America: Civil War” Premiere!

Tonight was the world premiere for Captain America: Civil War at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles and Emily was in attendance! She looked stunning in a J Mendel dress. This is a quick video update for now. I am in the process of gathering pictures and will add those to the gallery soon.

If you were following on the livestream of the premiere tonight, you saw Emily being interviewed. Fortunately for those who missed it, Marvel put up the interview on their YouTube channel. You can watch it below:

They also introduced the cast and crew of Captain America: Civil War. I had a great sense of pride in watching her being introduced. Also – don’t trust what the marketing is doing. Emily is #TEAMCAP

New Behind the Scenes Interview w/ Emily

Gallery Update + New Interviews

I’ve updated the gallery with the Captain America: Civil War stuff that’s come out in the past couple of days or had sitting around on my computer. I will add new things as they come and update you guys on the main page here when that happens.

003 x Captain America: Civil War – Concept Art
001 x Captain America: Civil War – Behind the Scenes
001 x Captain America: Civil War – Production/Studio Images
003 x Captain America: Civil War – Promotional Images – Solo
065 x Captain America: Civil War – Marvel Ladies: In Good Company Screen Captures
005 x Misc – 2016 CA: CW Press Junket
019 x Appearances – 2016 – Team Iron Man Press Conference

Emily also talks about Tom Holland (Spider-Man) in this video below. I’ve linked it to where she appears but you can watch the whole thing if that is to your liking.

And here is an interview with Elizabeth Olsen and Emily.

Team Iron Man Press Conference from 4/10

Yesterday, Emily started her promotion for Captain America: Civil War. Press junkets are currently going on for the film and the interview from yesterday and the press conference I am about to link below (which Emily appears in) is just the beginning. Many more will be released in the coming weeks and I will try my best to link them all for you guys. If you have trouble following everything, I’d suggest bookmarking the Civil War tag I have on the site which will have all the news related to the film there.

Motion Picture Club’s Phone Interview with Emily

Emily mentions a spoiler early on then elaborates on it later on when she discusses what the most difficult thing about filming was for her. Please do not listen if you do not want to be spoiled for the film. If you do, proceed with caution.

The VanCamp Sisters – Interview (matterprints.com)

A ballerina/author, an actress from a popular TV series, an aesthetician and a budding veterinarian, the Van Camp sisters are a bunch of driven, successful women. We love their passion, grit and how they thrive in whichever industry they are in. Naturally, we invited them to be our Fieldtesters – inspiring people whose stories we share and who fieldtest our pants in their work and travels.

Katie VanCamp (Ballerina and Author), Emily VanCamp (Actress), Alison VanCamp (Aesthetician) and Molly VanCamp (Veterinary Medicine Student).

What was the VanCamp household like growing up?

ALISON: Life in our house changed a lot for me as a young girl. It went from being the second of three. To the second of four then to just being me and the fourth at home. My youngest years seemed to be so busy and chaotic with juggling everyone’s hobbies and school and three girls close in age just gets a little crazy. When Katie, then Emily moved away things seemed to calm down a lot around home. (Accept of course my crazy driving schedule for Molly’s dance!).

MOLLY: For me, being the youngest, it was relatively quiet as it was only Alison and I living at home and then only myself after grade 6. The phone rang a lot, that double ring that meant long distance, which meant one of my sisters was calling. And then, when we would all get together it was manic. But I remember thinking how fun it was to have such chaos in the house!

KATIE: It was interesting. We are a family of five girls (including my mom), so my Dad was quite outnumbered. That should give you a sense of the dynamic. It was a girl-power household. We lived in a small town in Ontario, Canada and things were quite normal for the first nine years of my life.

Best thing about being a band of four sisters?

KATIE: Each sister has their own perspective, characteristics and set of incredible talents. There’s always someone able to lend a hand, an ear, or offer a hug (even if it’s a virtual hug from afar). Combining our skills, it’s rare one of us won’t be able to help the other with something challenging that might come up in our lives.

EMILY: This has been coming up a lot for me recently. As I’m thinking about starting my own family soon I find myself reflecting on my childhood all the time. The laughter, the secrets, the love, the sisterhood. I can’t imagine not having that. I can’t imagine not having the support that only my siblings could offer as I embarked on the many exciting and yet frightening adventures this life has taken me on. There truly is nothing like it.

ALISON: Having 3 sisters has to be one of the most special things to have in life. We all have such unique relationships with one another but there has never been a time that I felt like I didn’t have someone there for me when I needed them.

MOLLY: I had 3 big sisters which was the greatest thing in the world. There has never been a time where someone hasn’t been through what I’m going through or when no one has had advice for me. At least one (usually all) would have words of wisdom, which I well and truly lived by. Even living so far away, I carried my sister’s words with me. They were all so successful, classy, and fun that I figured they must know a thing or two about maneuvering through this world!

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Source: matterprints.com