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Emily on the Set of “Revenge”

A couple candids of Em on the set of Revenge have been added to the gallery! And it looks like she’s a blonde again. I swear, every time we see her these days her hair is a different color. 002 x On the Set of “Revenge” in Wilmington, NC (03/24/2011)

“Revenge” Script Review

I came across a review for the script of Emily’s pilot Revenge which gives some more details about the story and characters. The reviewer worries about how the story will play out in the long term, but seems to genuinely like the script and story. Check it out: Pilot Script Review: Revenge By: Travis Yanan Oh, how I wish American

Emily Lands Lead Role in New TV Pilot!

Awesome news today, guys! Emily has landed the lead role in a new potential TV series at ABC. Here’s the article from TVLine.com: Pilot Scoop: VanCamp Plots Revenge at ABC By: Nellie Andreeva Brothers & Sisters and Everwood alum Emily VanCamp is returning to ABC as the star of a potential new primetime drama, Revenge. VanCamp has landed the lead