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Emily Shooting New Film!!!

According to a recent article at spokesmanreview.com, Emily is shooting a new film titled “Norman” in Spokane, Washington. ‘Norman’ Actors Might Catch Your Eye by Jim Kershner North by Northwest’s latest film shoot, “Norman,” a drama with elements of dark comedy, is now under way in Spokane. While it doesn’t have any household names, you might recognize a few of

Events, Scans, and Photoshoots

It’s a hodgepodge of gallery updates today, with pics ranging from events to a new magazine scan, to a brand spankin’ new Emily photoshoot! So bear with me here as I lay everything out for you. Firstly, let me get the odds and ends out of the way. New HQ pics have been added to a couple ’08 events, including

New Emily Interview!

Emily VanCamp Previews Brothers & Sisters’ Wedding by Matt Webb Mitovich Kitty Walker is heading for a wedding on the Dec. 2 episode of ABC’s Brothers & Sisters. With the big day nearing, TVGuide.com invited Emily VanCamp, who plays Kitty’s stepsis Rebecca, to preview the nuptials, as well as weigh in on certain rumblings of on-set romances. TVGuide.com: First off,


Indulge me while I do something completely out of character: Toot my own horn. As you know, back in August I publicly pressured Brothers & Sisters executive producer Greg Berlanti to cast his former Everwood ingenue Emily VanCamp in the pivotal role of Rebecca, the 20-year-old byproduct of Holly’s affair with Nora’s late hubby, William. Jump ahead five months and